Plant Portrait | Strawberry Tree

The Strawberry Tree (Arbutus Marina) is one of the most attractive, trouble-free plants available for residential use. A slow grower, this small evergreen can be shaped as tree or shrub and is best known for its eye-catching flowers, fruit and mahogany bark!

Clusters of white and pink flowers are showiest in the fall and winter, and are followed by yellow to red fruits resembling a strawberry – both of which provide an important food source to birds and bees. Since the fruit takes 12 months to ripen, the tree carries both mature fruit and flowers at the same time. A lovely specimen for any yard or garden!

 Tree Type

 Considered both an evergreen and ornamental

 Mature Size

 Height: 15 - 30 feet, Spread: 15 - 30 feet

 Growth Rate

 Slow, less than 12 inches per year

 Sun Preference

 Full sun and partial shade, 4 hours direct sun each day

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